Executive Coaching

Our work lives are hugely important to us, and not just for financial reasons.  We tend to derive much of our identity from our professional lives, and our workplaces are where we spend the bulk of our waking hours.  Our on-the-job achievements – or the lack of them – matter to us.

Then there’s the social side of work.  Our jobs bring us together with people of varying backgrounds, educational levels and skill sets.  And often, we need to work effectively within a diverse group in order to be successful.

Kathleen enjoys helping competent people become more effective and more satisfied in their professional lives. The further we go in our careers, the more likely it is that our jobs will require skills we do not yet have. Kathleen helps people identify both the skills they need and the means to acquire those skills

Managing stress – Work is frequently stressful and occasionally actually traumatic. Issues that require action during the workday can keep people tossing and turning at night when there’s nothing they can do to solve the problem. Kathleen coaches stressed clients to help them take effective action and escape the cycle of worry.

Work/life balance – Issues of work/life balance inevitably arise for successful people. Business and family demands often peak at the same time, posing seemingly irresolvable conflicts. Kathleen helps her clients unravel the competing challenges of work and family, finding ways to benefit both.

Family businesses - Family businesses can pose unusual challenges of balance, as business and personal lives are inevitably intertwined. A family crisis such as divorce or sibling rivalry may threaten the company. Kathleen’s background dealing with both personal, family and business issues make her an ideal consultant in such situations.

I didn’t feel I deserved to say “no” to anything. With Kathleen’s help, that sure changed.

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