Family Law Coaching

Whenever anyone has to deal with a family law situation such as a separation or a divorce, it’s always a challenging time. People are upset, stressed, and frequently confused or even frightened. Kathleen can help make it easier to navigate through these difficult situations.

Kathleen has a long history of helping clients who are dealing with family law issues, and her experience and expertise have been recognized by others in the field. With Robert McWhinney, Kathleen has given courses and workshops in dispute resolution, including keynote addresses to the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts and the American Association of Women Judges.

Kathleen puts this depth of experience to work to provide the direct, practical advice that family law clients need most. For most people, exposure to family law is precipitated by a family crisis. The stress of the situation can often reduce everyone’s ability to make good decisions, handle unfamiliar emotions and maintain their best sense of self. Kathleen can help her clients manage their stress and achieve positive outcomes.

In a marital separation, for example, Kathleen can help both the mother and the father to understand and assume their new roles with their children. Kathleen can also work with the participants during the difficult but important conversations that inevitably must take place, helping to keep animosity to a minimum and prepare the ground for a productive future parenting relationship. Kathleen’s coaching can also help parents to determine how they can best tell their children about the changes that are taking place in their family.

Kathleen also works directly with lawyers to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. It’s not unusual for family law practitioners to turn to Kathleen for advice when they find themselves caught between conflicting interests.

As I adjust to life as a single, after 40 years of marriage, Kathleen has offered her wise perspective, flexibility and continued humour.

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