Life Coaching

Kathleen’s experience in providing individual therapy for thirty-five years has equipped her to offer effective, insightful coaching to clients in a wide range of life situations.

Her experience with organization such as CARE and Medecins Sans Frontieres give her the background and skill to deal with the impact of many of life’s challenges, from bereavement to everyday stress. Kathleen has helped clients experiencing loss of vitality, excessive worry, alienation, low self-esteem, grief and much more.  She can also help to unravel the puzzle when a combination of difficulties conspire to reduce the pleasure of the client’s life.

Other clients seek out Kathleen’s personal coaching when they wish to make an improvement in a particular area of their lives, such as parenting or partnering. Kathleen can help clients successfully negotiate life’s transitions, improve experiences and identify opportunities to expand their lives.

When you are in crisis, it can be life and death. I tried four other people before my lawyer recommended Kathleen. She was a life-saver! 

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