Relationship Coaching

For most of us, our personal relationships are where are our deepest feelings lie. The family matrix engenders such a wide range of emotions that it isn’t surprising that we often need help in this area. When a crisis flares up, it’s best to seek help immediately, to prevent a series of damaging interactions from compounding the difficulty.

The many years Kathleen has spent counselling couples have given her the depth of understanding to see what is wrong and to know how to change it. She has helped couples work through a wide range of issues, including extramarital affairs, conflicting goals, problems with intimacy, disagreements over children and difficulties stemming from their families of origin. She has also assisted couples in finding better complementarity when the partners are of differing personality types. In cases involving extramarital affairs, Kathleen can help anyone in the affair triangle to resolve the negative effects of the affair and not just recover, but recover stronger.

Of course, our relationship issues are not confined to our partners. We often have difficulties with our children or our parents, and these issues can grow more acute with time. Kathleen’s background as a family therapist has given her the tools to help resolve multi-generational problems. She can help people who were not well-parented to become effective, loving parents themselves, for instance. Her assistance can also be important when a marital separation creates new parenting demands, or when new challenges arise for people caring for aging parents.

Difficult conversations are often entailed in dealing with any relationship tensions. Difficult conversation coaching is a particular specialty of Kathleen’s.

Kathleen helped me see how I was sabotaging myself in my relationship, and guided me to develop the tools I needed to change. It has made all the difference.

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